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Happy NewYear!

CONGRATULATIONS! we have only really been sharing media since the new year and already we have made a total of over 6 hours of broadcast-quality video available to one another via the internet!!! this is a groundbreaking project and i hope everyone is as excited as we are to be participating thanks to everyone who has contributed…. and lets keep it up. (some new MNN stuff will be coming up soon, by the way)

Here are the latest updates, reminders, and pointers for all staying on the same page:
let’s try to start naming files in a similar manner. i am going to propose this as a method: location_videoname_resolution.fileextension (with no spaces)
here’s three examples:

MNNYC_BeyondHijab_TV.mp4 – for a hi-res file of MNN YC’s Beyond the Hijab
PCM_Portland2050_TV.mp4 – for a hi-res video called Portland 2050 from PCM
PeopleTV_SummerVideos_web.mp4 – for a LO-res videos from a summer program at People TV

all of these things are important. in looking at a file on our computer(s), we all need to be able to tell easily: where it came from, what is it called, and is it hi or lo quality. it’s fine to distribute web-quality video via YVXN, but we don’t want to put it on to television that way.
please use tags as keywords when creating video entries. try to use the same tags over and over as you enter more videos. this will make it most useful. as you begin to type in a tag, you will see options that have been used previously appear below your cursor. this helps to know what is already being used.
this is a request for to anyone who put video entries before tagging was an option. (MNN YC included) when possible, go to your video entries, while logged in, and click edit. then ADD TAGS accordingly. I also added an AGE RATING box recently that is optional, but useful. this can also be updated.
try to upload still images with your video entries. this will keep the ‘latest videos’ section on the right-hand side new & interesting. however… its not mandatory.
go to: http://nymapexchange.net/forum/22 to view the NYMAP user forum. you can create new discussion threads or reply to observations or questions other people have had. think of this as a way to log conversations (tech and non-tech.) that will be useful in the future and to new members
right now we are using two ways to distribute our media, and NEITHER of them are perfect. lets remember that this project is still growing & evolving

#1. Pando:
attached to this email, you will find all the .pando files that have been exchanged so far. when opened in the Pando application, they will begin to download the media files. NOTE: the .pando files are NOT on a 1:1 ratio with videos. ie. some pando packages contain several videos.

here is the Spin group url: xxxxxxxxxxx (email andrew at mnn dot org for this link)
Right now, only MNN YC videos are there. if you want to share your videos this way, you can upload them via the box. NOTE they will only be available when your computer is online. it is just one more way to share, but it is not that convenient for our purposes. PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICIZE THIS LINK…. it is hidden, but not password protected.
gariet in portland suggested (over the forum!) that the someone in the network put together an intro/outro clip that individual channels could air before and or after material gathered from the YVXN. we had already been talking about this at MNN and we plan to make a weekly show in our schedule for all NYMAP material. I volunteered to begin work on an intro clip and then i will put it out to the group to see how it works. If anyone wants to help or has time to make one, email the list asap with your suggestions.