the nymapex email list

the nymapex email list


for each message it requires that the owner (andrew at MNN, right now) approves it.  this helps to keep the spambots from sending mail to it, but it also means that if you urgently want to send a message to all the group members, this may not be the way to do it.  just type their addresses in.  the way i see it… this list is most useful for sending out Pando packages.  that way… as the network grows, you dont need to know everyone on the list…(you can find out info about them on the website, of course)  you just need to know that they are part of the network, and therefore have provided information on how they will use the videos (ie. non-commercially only) to the network.  i will make these forms and info available to anyone who wants need it.


Speaking of e-mail lists…

Hey everybody! I have a new e-mail address that I would prefer to use for the NYMAP stuff.

nymappdx at

I will still be using my old e-mail address as well, but I work on two different computers, and would prefer to keep my NYMAP stuff separate from my other work stuff. Plus, this will give Laura (and my successor) access to the e-mails. So please use this new e-mail address for sending NYMAP files.

Hope it isn’t too hard to make this change (that means YOU, Andrew).


when/if changing emails… do this

no prob, gariet.

for everyone… i can foresee this sort of thing happening, so it is worth going over the steps if someone needs to change email addresses or pass of the NYMAP baton to another staffperson, etc.


1. let admin know by emailing andrew at

2. create a new user account on the webpage with your new email. (if its a more generic nymap email, then maybe make the account name similar)

3. admin will: update the nymapex email list with the new email

4. admin will: add new email to SpinXpress usergroup.

5. admin will: update necessary contact info on website.

that should be it.