NYMAP intro/outro?

NYMAP intro/outro?


Laura suggested that it might be a good idea if somebody created an Intro/Outro spot that we could stick before and after the NYMAP videos that we put on the air.  Something that gives a brief description of NYMAP and who the partners are, so that the viewers know what they are watching.

Is this something that everybody might use?  And if so, can we just let one person make it, and then share it?  Any volunteers?

Show Intro/Outro – moving forward?

one idea is to send super short b-roll items of your stations and youth at them (or even still images) to whomever takes on the project. i offered to be that point person, but I dont want to take it from anyone if they have a vision. does anyone have a vision?

another idea is to get some youth on board to participate in straighforward video chat and create some sort of script fo the intro and use some footage from the chat in the intro.

i dont know. one thing is we can use the logo, and i have it in a couple different configurations.

show intro/outro

I think it could be something simple that includes a voice over of different young people from the participating centers reading the same script. I’d say 30-60sec. long. I know it’s a bad example, but I can only help think of something similar to the Real World intro.

great idea – NYMAP show intro

hey! we have been talking about the same thing at MNN.

I think it is something we could pull off, and then send out to the group.

unless anyone else wants to take it on. i will include this suggestion/idea in an email out to the group later today (1/22)

I (andrew) am in the process of putting together post cards, so some of the graphics could be shared, etc.

this is how we will be using most of this content – creating a weekly (or biweekly) NYMAP show, so a ‘bumper’ and/or intro would be great

ANY IDEAS anyone?