Great Website for Online Media Examples and Analysis

Great Website for Online Media Examples and Analysis

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Media Nipple – this is a great website/video blog with almost daily posts critiquing ugly trends in mainstream TV.  its a project of Cultural Farming.


Cultural Framing and Media Nipple

Greetings! I’ve never been to this site before…somehow I stumbled upon it…and here I find a posting to my websites: Cultural Framing and Media Nipple. This may be the proudest day of my short blogging “career.” Why? Because, this is exactly the purpose of my vlog – to reach out to people; to help them learn to visually deconstruct TV within a democracy; to encourage viewers and producers to tell their own stories in new, honest ways; to empower everyone to watch and think about our media more critically. I LOVE VIDEO – making our own media is a pathway to emancipation in a mediated world. I LOVE TV – I just believe it is currently held in the wrong hands. Thank you for finding my work. It is wonderful to see my sites being recognized exactly where they need to be. I also see a link to Grand Rapids….HA. I was born and lived there half my life, but now I live in Canada! Peace.

Holland Wilde
Cultural Farming
Media Nipple